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A Forgotten Tear

hearing a car door close, I look out but find it's not you
a knock at my front door, but it's only a strong gust of wind
the phone rings and I am eager to hear your voice
but there is no one at the other end when I pick up the phone
walking at the park I swear it's you I see
but it's only a stranger when I see him turn around
received a letter in the mail with your handwriting
carefully I opened the envelope, so afraid of what was held inside
a forgotten tear travels down my face
blurring the words on the page that it has fallen onto
another tear, yet another follows, leaving me seeing crystallized words
you wrote, 'I love you my darling, I miss you and I love you, see you soon'

By Itseams2bsew

© 2009 Itseams2bsew (All rights reserved)


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