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butterflies Pictures, Images and Photos

She sat there in the meadow
In the midst of many butterflies
What a joy to see them there
So many - what a great surprise

She always loved the meadow
For to her it was like home
She'd go early in the morning
Spending her day almost alone

She'd say 'almost' for God was there
And all the things that He had made
She felt He did them just for her
So she tended them tenderly each day

Now butterflies were close to her
As always she had been heard to say
That if she could not be herself
A butterfly she'd be one day

They were music in motion
As they glide on through the air
Each one as lovely as the other
Each one just like a prayer

The flowers all around them
She'd see rabbits darting about
She would never bother them
She thinks they've figured that out

The trees were lush for it was spring
She knew she had to go and look
For just a little bit away
There was her secret place ..a brook

A little brook that just ran
A little ways on the land
She felt it her special place
And often would lay down

And that was what she chose today
To rest there in the lovely flowers
Looking at the clouds on high
She could do that for many hours

Making pictures out of them
She just enjoyed her day
It was as though they knew her
And waited for her to come to play

She slept for eyes were tired
From watching all the clouds so long
She slept so well that night had come
She knew she must be going home

Not afraid, the path well marked
She hummed a little tune
It was the loveliest day of the year
Yet it wasn't even June

She knew she would be back real soon
Perhaps tomorrow to see more
She thanked God for all He'd given her
As she reached and gently closed her door

penned by Mary Anne ^j^
God's Little Whispers
@January 2007

butterflies Pictures, Images and Photos

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By Mary Anne

© 2009 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)


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