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Sometimes I sit and ponder
On yesterday's memories
Not that I feel better
Nor would I say they please

Some memories are special
We keep them set aside
Those are the ones to ponder
We remember them with pride

Yet in betwixt 'n between
All that there have been
Are the memories that pain
You never want to go back again

Pondering brought me back to you
To one particular painful day
The day you said you didn't care
You never looked back when you walked away

I thought my life was over
You had hurt me to the core
But even in my deep despair
God whispered I had more

It took many moons to get
To where I finally am today
Lots of tears, lots of pain
But I've made it all the way

The sun still shines in morning
The moon comes out at night
The seasons are still changing
And the stars still a delight

So many lessons I have learned
Now I no longer need to cry
When pondering, I have to think
How rude you never said goodbye

penned by Mary Anne ^j^
God's Little Whispers
@January 2009


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By Mary Anne

© 2009 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)


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