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A Lonely Vessel


Like a lonely vessel I sail all alone,
Across this vast and empty ocean,
And back again,
to and fro I roam.

When I think there's signs of life,
I'll send the life boats out,
Only to find nothing at all in the end,
Except for fear and doubt.

This ocean is but a graveyard,
Of those glorious ships of the past,
Whatever happened to those ships,
Whatever happened? Myself, I ask.

I looked forward to peace and tranquility,
after the storm had finally passed.
But now it seems to be just me by myself,
with no other vessels left.

Peace and Tranquility after the Storm - Challenge - Free Verse

By Chad Thieman

© 2009 Chad Thieman (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: FOS - Peace and Tranquility After the Storm (challenge has been closed)

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