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What do you do after the storm
After the wrath has been seen and heard
What do you do for the wildlife there
Who've hidden way back in the woods

Lightning and thunder, rain that pours
Scaring the little ones to death
As you assure them, they are just fine
You are still holding your breath

Nature is beautiful most of the time
But she also has wrath to display
As a child I would watch out the window
Seeing the hurricane's ugly array

Tossing and breaking things all around
Even making damages to your home
Your just thankful, praying to God
Thanking Him your not alone

There will be many truly hurt from this storm
People will come from all over offering aid
A good thing for a young child to see
Knowing there's help ..your not nearly as afraid

Your Father reminds you that Nature brings
When the flowers are blooming away
And right behind, comes the summer so sweet
When you go to the beach and you play

So, we must not be angry at Nature, you know
She has much to handle over the years
I'm sure she is not out there to scare
Or to make you cry bitter-sweet tears

It is what it is, God's given design
We bow our heads humbly to pray
Thanking our Lord that He spared from the storm
And knowing that Spring is not far away

God may send storms, but He also sends flowers
He sends us cool weather and also warm
He sends it all...because He knows best
Peace and tranquility after the storm.

penned by Mary Anne ^j^
God's Little Whispers
@January 2009

Mariannajo's Private challenge
Peace and Tranquility after the storm

Midi: Stormy Weather - Lena Horne 1943

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By Mary Anne

© 2009 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)


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