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Love's Sonata


With my heart you must be gentle,
Soft as light emitted from the candle.
Too many times I have been hurt before,
Too many times I've been forlorn.

With you I feel complete my love,
Your soft breath dances upon my cheek,
Long forgotten are those yesterdays of infamy,
Our love tonight feels like a symphany.

As the universe joins in the melody,
Our bodies become one entirely.
Our Spirits gives reciprocal affection,
While our flesh comes together with intimate attraction.

My skin touching yours and yours returning the favor,
Upon the wall our shadows dance in silhouettes,
While we enjoy loves flavor and savor it.

Best Love Poem Challenge - 'With My Heart You Must'

By Chad Thieman

© 2009 Chad Thieman (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Best Love Poem - With my heart you must (challenge has been closed)

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