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Sound The Trumpets!
I see you standing there, so handsomely you are attired~
Ready to dance the evening away until you are completely tired...
You are set to win every winsome lady's heart, and you do it with such ease,
Your voice is mellow, so enticing and any woman's heart it will please!
Then you are coming my way, and there are millions of butterflies in my inside~
That if I could, I would hasten to find cover, but it would not do to hide...
I look up and what do I see, but two very beautiful eyes gazing at me,
And I am suddenly transported to the Island of Love in the most beautiful blue sea!
I am a prisoner of your charms and I am gathered into vast arms of true delight~
And then we are two enchanted people, dancing through love's mist this night...
Kisses exchanged, hearts beating in rhythym, knowing well love's glorious tune,
Tender love, unmatched by none, enjoyed under the full summer moon!
Soft lips against my cheek, murmuring gems of love that will never spoil by rust~
A lover's world is opening up to us that hold you back, but with my heart you must...
For I cannot tolerate feeling held back by uncertainty, less than that can never be owned by me~
So kiss me with vim and vigor, let the love juices flow, kiss me with power and action, so in my life, genuine love I will see...
And we walk the walk of love and know all the treasures within, not knowing or caring if what we do is a great sin,
Taking us to heights herefore unknown, let the trumpets sound, let the ultimate love begin!

Written by a challenge by Kajuncutie called BEST LOVE POEMS subtitled 'With My Heart You Must.'

By Miskitti

© 2009 Miskitti (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Best Love Poem - With my heart you must (challenge has been closed)

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