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Creatures of the Night
The dress of darkness spreads over the land
And the full moon dreams in a golden haze
The trees are singing their last songs to the day
And welcoming the coming night

The creatures of the night come alive
To walk the lands and feed
With their hungry teeth and tongues
They can smell fresh human blood

In the night they come alive
To eat the flesh and drink the blood
Except for the vegetarian ones
Who stay home and eat lots of mushrooms
And watch horror films for fun

The zombies are alive again tonight
And run through the small village
Their eyes are red hot and burn alive
And only one thing they need to find

They desire the flesh of human brain
To have it in their mouth and hands
To lick it clean of blood and bone
And swallow it into their gut whole

Through the night they come to feast
On human heads and even cows and sheep
Their eyes are red hot and burn alive
For the taste of fresh human brain.

Written for Amara13’s Zombies Challenge

By dissolvedlines

© 2009 dissolvedlines (All rights reserved)


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