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Fills My Heart
Flowers and birds
make a peaceful day.

The birds play
while the summer
weather comes to
with soft breeze,
on a beautiful day...

Hummingbirds one of my favorites,
attracted by many of my containers
of fuchsia, begonia, and sweet
potatoe vines;
planted with the finest of flavor.

I enjoy sitting on my back deck,
with coffee in my hand.
My passion is for wildlife,
and bird watching, many hours
I spend...

Summer is filled with vibrant hues.
Shapes and sizes, incredible too
Take time in your day,
the splendor to include,

before the winter months

Bird and flowers belong together
it's free art you find in most
To both I give a thankful toast...

I'm filled with joy,
each new year,
when my garden comes alive,
and new residents appear,
in my backyard trees.

I watch while my flowers thrive.
What a blessing God's given to me.

The cost?
Just giving some flowers to another,
and sharing my modest home
with others...

Written by Janet Ford

Looking Through The Eyes Of Love (Piano) - Instrumental

By girlsisy

© 2009 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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