an ordinary day
i don't remember rockets nor having stars shine in my eyes
wasn't at all expected, that true love, unannounced, would arrive
suddenly i was more, than only just myself
a fate that was to change my life ... the gods decidedly dealt

without a sense of knowing, my heart did gently open
was penetrated thoroughly, with complete love and devotion
no warning of it coming, or that it planned to stay
yet love nestled in my heart ... on an ordinary day

he sang songs and played me music, on an old twelve string guitar
he brought laughter from my soul, drove me round in his old car
both young, believing children and ripe for love's design
i would be forever his ... and he forever, would be mine

how do hearts combine, beat in rhythm as just one?
how do all one's days become brighter, than the sun?
i don't have the answers to love's myterious way
i only know it came to me ... on an ordinary day

i remember his passionate kisses and true words of sweet romance
the way my hand felt, held in his and how his eyes would dance
i remember when we married, soon a family on the way
a boy for him, a girl for me ... we delighted in their play

my love for him will never end, though my words can't reach him now
for life sometimes destroys a love, unmercifully steals a vow
still i've known him like no other, as he's known me in that way
love bestowed to us like magic ... on an ordinary day

By holly_wood

© 2009 holly_wood (All rights reserved)


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