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When I first met him,
I thought he was the one.

He was fascinating,
with words affecting,
and profoundly

I allowed him into my world
My thoughts he took over,
leaving me confused,
and uncertain.

He had a way with my heart.
He nourished my self-esteem,
he was gorgeous and smart.

He took me to a royal place.
He was my king,
I, his queen,
but never seeing
the other side of him.


The painting on the wall
was clearly starting to
show itself...
He surely was a king,
with an untruthful tongue,
wth battles he had won...

I was his prize,
now that he
won my affection.
I just wanted to hide.

The pleasure and contentment
once found in him,
ran swiftly in the wind.
It was hard to believe,
what I was seeing.

Toward home I yearned to go,
away from his deception.
He stoled my heart,
and broke it too.

How could he go so far...

Was it me, deceived by love?
Wanting so bad
the magical love of this man,
the signs
I didn't see?

love is blind
as I start to divert
my thoughts from
sorrow and yearning.

not to make this mistake
ever again...
never to fall for false words
and looks.

To first look at the heart
and what it stands for,

not to go to uncertain places
where pathless lands and
dangerous ways,
are out to play games
with love.

Remember love is more than
and will certainly come,
when falling in love

not falling for crumbs,
that are meaningless
and dumb...

from a man who is manifested
as a king,
but utterly no one...

Written by Janet Ford

By girlsisy

© 2009 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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