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Memories of time

As I walk along the water the waves of your memory splashes
Echoing softly in my ears of saying I will always love you
I feel my broken heart will never mend
Yet there in the distance is a long lost friend
I feel your soft hands across my face
But I am feeling so sad and so weak
I hear your voice softly saying I love you and always have
I will always love you and be beside you each day
Reach out and always feel me so close to you

My broken heart cries for you each and every night
As I watch the stars shining upon me so bright
Yet I wish I could hold you in my arms on more time today
As I reach out to the heavens I feel your hands holding mine
Stretching across time and space, feeling you drying my tears away
As you softly say to me don't cry for I am always with you
Don't be afraid, reach out and feel my hand in yours

Written for Broken Love challenge- My broken heart cries for you

By Starlight1

© 2009 Starlight1 (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Broken Love - My Broken Heart Cries For You (challenge has been closed)

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