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Compassion For Others
I had incarcerated myself each day
to my room in silence before I started
off to work...

I needed to pray to the one that would
guide my every footstep along my way.

I felt calm and at peace talking to the one
that understood me.
He always met
my needs,
seen me through death of my
loved ones.

Comforted me in those times
I needed it most,
and held me when I cryed...

He is full of compassion for all
He teaches through His Word
which is much alive...
where in scriptures you will find
all that you need for the day.

To be like Him, is to do like Him.
Many need Him, and don't even
know it...
They struggle through life
trying to see where they fit.
They need a moment of
of compassion from us,
so they too in God can trust.

Give what God has given to you.
Show your compassion when needed.
Its time to plant a seed
in another...

then watch it grow from one
to another...

Written by Janet Ford

'Come follow the Dream'
with Tinyteddy

By girlsisy

© 2018 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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