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Courageous Young Love

The delicate balance between exaltation and sin
rests uneasy on the hair trigger scales.
A tornado of want sets in motion a dizzying spin,
debris of corrupt opinion swept up in gales

Touch this, taste that, can put one out on a precarious limb,
perception rides the roulette wheel of prying eyes.
In public he’s so proper, matching her projection of prim,
shut the doors, where they shed their public disguise.

Moral judgments can clog up the free flow of expression,
chasing young love into sanctums, blinds drawn.
To give so freely of oneself earns a hot brand of transgression
that won’t wash off with the new light of the dawn.

Step out of imposed shadows and lay down your false shame,
the love you share should be the precious gem in your crown.
Take your love by the hand and shout out her name,
the shame mongers have lost the power to bring you down.

Submitted for the 'Picture This...Young Love' challenge

By AlwaysMyWords

© 2009 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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