The Thief

I tried to resist your lure
Urging myself not to feel attracted to you
Admonishing my racing heart
I had seen your type before
Handsome guys who take what they want without caring about hurting others
Many noticed you
So many girls wanted to be loved by you
I pretended indifference
Yet you chose me
Gradually you warmed yourself into my heart
With time I forgot to be wary
You swept me off my feet
Fool that I was I swam in your current
Life was rosy
Finally I knew the meaning of falling in love
One little bit I should have known though was that
Once I fell under your spell
You were done with me
Free to go and conquer other innocent hearts
You left my life as you came in
Stealthily as a thief
I knew you for what you were
Yet despite that knowledge
My broken heart cries for you

By Muthoni

© 2009 Muthoni (All rights reserved)


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