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Accepted Public Sex

The floor like ice bid them forward,
after all they had their dancing shoes on.
With a beat like that neither a coward,
heck, they were actually eager to perform.

Her flowing skirts caught the right wind currents
as he swept her across the floor with aplomb.
Dancers would stop and watch them as they went.
She was nitro glycerin and he was an atom bomb.

Unstoppable rhythm driving them closer.
Passion's flames raging with dance and desire.
What music directed attraction made cozier.
When his eyes met hers the world felt the fire.

His body locked in position, holding her tight.
Her hips moving to hypnotize with one glance.
Onlookers feeling the sizzle cast into the night,
wondering if this was more than just one dance.

All they need do is notice his leather Cuban heel shoes
and that question would never come up again.
She was the absolute perfect partner for him to choose
because she felt his next move from within.

They didn’t get blessed with these moves, they worked,
putting in the time needed for each intricate move.
If there was hardwood under their feet they never shirked,
they had bountiful egos and something to prove.

Precision and sex appeal shrouded in mystery.
They cast a spell on the unsuspecting with each acquisition.
Only the dance floor is privy to their impassioned history,
setting dance floors ablaze while smoking their competition.

Submitted for the Pick your Theme challenge...theme is 'Sex and Dance'

The above piece of dancing magic is the result of a collaboration between Heather and Pete...stick around, we just might get the hang of this yet.

By AlwaysMyWords

© 2009 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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