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Facets of me
Come sit with me, let’s talk awhile
Please let me try & explain,
My views, my beliefs, my expressions
Aren’t intended to cause you pain..

I’m sarcastic, tenacious & stubborn
I have been this way most of my life
I’ll stand up for my convictions
Unafraid of the imminent strife.

I’m humorous, amusing & witty
I enjoy entertaining my friends
A practical joke, a good belly laugh
Their troubles’ they soon have transcend

I’m not easily roused to anger
Yet I’m very slow to forgive
I can nourish my wrongs in secret for years
Yes I too, can be vindictive

I’m practical, Ambitious & patient
I work arduously for what I desire
Failure is never an option for me
The summit is what I aspire

I’m intuitive, shrewd & perceptive
My instincts have seldom been wrong
Having the power of knowledge & wisdom
Through adversity keeps me strong

I’m compassionate, kind & considerate
It’s not wise to take advantage of me
For the moment I’m taken for granted
I withdraw what I gave generously

I’m enthusiastic, creative & daring
I live life by my own laws
I embrace an all or nothing mind set
It’s my life to live after all

I listen sincerely to advice that you give
Then I’ll do exactly as I please
My moral & intellectual freedom
I won’t sacrifice just to appease

I’m incorrigibly unpredictable
Especially when honours at stake
Never underestimate my reactions
Infallible courage you will not shake

I’m the embodiment of sensuous passion
I detest the ordinary & the mundane
I flirt on the dark side of sexual taboos
From hedonism I will not refrain

I’m extremely disdainful of charlatans’
I’m repulsed by the liars & thieves
Who try to make you believe you’re in heaven
Then they drag you through hell on your knees

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread
Could’ve been written with me in mind
I need no-one’s permission to be who I am
If you’re a hypocrite I’ll leave you behind..


By Naiils

© 2012 Naiils (All rights reserved)


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