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Your tender smile

The warmth of your tender smile
As you gaze so deeply in my eyes
My fingertips gently brush your lips
As I soft and gently kiss your mouth
Your eyes so full of love and tenderness
As you smile saying darling I love you
Your hand gently takes mine in yours
As we kiss so deep and slowly
Becoming together soulmates
You and me always as we become just one
Breathing together, I feel your heart so close to mine
Merging, touching so lovingly as I watch you close your eyes
Softly we lay together as you serenade to me a beautiful love song
Your arms so lovingly holding me so close as we cuddle together so tenderly
Your hands entwine with mine, as our senses become intoxicated with each kiss
Taking us even deeper than before gazing into your beautiful eyes so blue
Mesmorizing one another with such a deep and tender love together we share
Kiss me sweetheart, I love you so deeply my sweet blossom

Written for Picture This Challenge- Tender Romance

By Starlight1

© 2009 Starlight1 (All rights reserved)


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