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He Remembers For Me
The day plays on,
in its own way,
in every essence,
wanting to stay.

But me?
Only some of the days
do I remember.
Some are lost,
like the flowers at
the end of September.

They start to fade.
Their beauty once
a colorful parade,
Now lost in Autumns
falling maze...

But the days will
play on,
in warmth upon
the land.

Whether I see it or not,
God has a plan
each and everyday,
upon this great land.

My days now foggy,
but He watches my
every step.
He guides me through
foreign hills,
remembering for me,
the days forgotten.

He wipes my tears
when things seen
to disappear.

Wraps me in His love,
so many times.
Things miraculously
as He opens the door,
once again to my mind..

I see a new day
being born...

©Janet Ford

Lost memory - My Sassy Girl OST

By girlsisy

© 2017 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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