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Prayers For All.
I missed each one and each day
For each one I'd pray
I have been off line and missed my family/friends at the starlite cafe
I have been blessed an angel sent a gift my way
Many times I felt alone
Thankful many called on the phone
I thought of my sister-Ruby at starlite
Prayed extra prayers for her to be alright
I prayed for aunt Aliceann and uncle George to be ok
As I thought of them each day
I heard that MaryAnn my starlite sis had a fall
For her upon the Lords name I did call
I said prayers for Bonnie my daughter at starlite
For her Daddy to as he had a stroke one night
I heard that Joyce's Daddy passed away
Extra prayers for the family I did say
My sis-Jacie at starlite
Needed prayers the other night
Many prayers for the one's that are sick and feeling blue
Prayers I have said for each one of you
Prayers I did send to heaven within
For Don's eyes was still bothering him
Prayers for Deb's sister who needed prayers right away
Deb (angelbrown)is my sister at the starlite cafe
My starlite sister-Theo and her family to
Prayers for them as the heat and fires they are going through
Prayers for Bobby my nephew
Dear Lord he is having heart problems please help him through
Prayers for my daughter-Rose she needs surgery on her gall bladder
She also has asthma I pray the Lord helps her with this matter
Many extra prayers I did pray
For my family and family/friends at the starlite cafe.

By Just little me

© 2009 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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