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Ghosts of Another Day

Shadows of ghosts dance off the wall;
As faith starts to take the fall.
Sitting in the dark all alone;
Better than walking around like a drone.
Ray of light never gets through.
Hope is not and never will be the issue.
Tears in the dark of faded memories.
My guard is up but the fire is burning my trees.
I'm talking to ghosts of another day.
They're the only ones that have come out to play.
The emptiness of my heart goes on.
Mortal men no longer can treat me as a pawn.
The shade of deaths hand comforts me.
Only a step away from what I want to be.
Everything in my life is complete;
Except for dealing with all the lies and deceit.
Love of the dark and ghosts of another day;
Emotions never felt and there's nothing to say.
Standing in the night with drops of Saturn's ring.
To touch would be to sting.
A vibrant poison of the final transcend into spirits domain.
Nothing is to far for an immortal, like me, to attain.

March 11, 2009

By Amara13

© 2009 Amara13 (All rights reserved)


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