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The Shadowed Wind Rides Golden Wings

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Can The Last Temptation and the Passion be fused into a Future Movie
of Equal or perhaps GREATER Controversy?
As Jesus Christ stood at the Banks of Old Jordan River
to be Baptised by His Beloved Favorite Cousin John.
'Are you He?'
and their eyes simply met.
Baptist me John.' Would be all the Master would say.
And Mary of Mandala would be there to witness this event,
With great tears flowing down her eyes like the Nile.
For she knows something. And they have spoken secret.
O yes, He will be open with his 12 friends.
But some things He must tell her........ in secret.
For He can trust her..... and He knows it. and she Him.
For this is an Everlasting Love, from the time of Eternity Past
Until Forever.

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Based on the 4 Credited Gospels of Jesus Christ - and the officially

Dismissed Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Written by Lavern Hendrix

Directed by Lavern Hendrix

Starring Lance Clayton as Jesus Christ

Also Starring Karla Gail Floyd as Mary Magdalene

and Lynn Morris as Mary Mother of Jesus

Co - Starrling Lavern Hendrix as The Temptor

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Dedicated to my friend...........'Martin' - And that IS his real name

The Challenge word - Unscrambled - is 'RIVER'

By Le Dragon Rouge

© 2009 Le Dragon Rouge (All rights reserved)


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