Rivers of Fire

Volcano Goddess
explosive molten fury
coursing through her veins
Fire rivers kiss the sea
Black lava tresses flowing

Pele, a whimsical, tempestuous, Hawaiian goddess of fire
Volcano mother of eruptions, daughter of the goddess Haume.
Her hale/ residence on the volcano, Kilauea,
is on the “big island” of Hawaii
The ravishing embodiment of feminine power,
her fiery destruction and jealous rages
are believed to cause Kilauea's eruptions.
Pele, possesses numinous control of lightning bolts
from her flashing fiery eyes or magical fingertips
setting the land ablaze at her whim.

Be forewarned,
she appears dressed in black
in many personifications,
such as a young child, asking you to follow her
a sensually, beautiful young woman, luring you to come near her
or an old hag, with, perhaps a warning to leave her territory.
The conflated glow-worm tentacles of a’a, lava
black liquid fire leaving a spider-like web and heaving flow
where her wantonly splayed patulous of lasciviousness
flowing like a river of molten gold, lacing the landscape
with intricate mosaic messages for her lover
her concupiscent invitation embossed in black hillside
crushing and embedding old red blossomed Lehua trees
into an art noveau sculpture of ebony patterns ….
Her signature in a river etched forever
on a solid beach of brimstone
A warning to tourists beware
Do not trespass here!
Don’t ever take anything that belongs to Pele
Or you will not survive her curse.
Many have scoffed and taken a mere shell or lava stone
Only to return it with a desperate plea attached to
That is the lucky ones who survived her wrath.

Pele’s fire kiss
makes you crazy with desire
haunting or hunting
seductress of paradise
caught in her web of fire

Brain Tease Challenge
Word: rrevi: river
Form: Narrative with Tanka couplets

Slack Key Hula - Maunalua

By Cheryl Stewart

© 2009 Cheryl Stewart (All rights reserved)


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