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Skeleton Key
The skeleton key breathes inside of me
And courses through my bloodstream
It opens the doors to what I don’t know
And what I don’t know is unknown

It travels through my blood and dreams
And flows in the seen and unseen
It spins in the heart and mind
Forever in the day and night

The skeleton key slowly turns the lock
Through the days of tick and tock
And gradually things unseen become seen
And to the surface of the mind
Words and thoughts come alive

The skeleton key spins and swims
And breathes inside of me
It opens the doors
In its own time and frame
And works with the stars and sun

In my blood and dreams
It forever turns through the days
And is a beautiful mystery
Like the wind that blows in the trees
In the deeper parts of me

Skeleton key, skeleton key
What doors you open I do not know
Skeleton key, skeleton key
You are a mystery to me.

By dissolvedlines

© 2009 dissolvedlines (All rights reserved)


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