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My mind is going round and round
My heart stomped hard into the ground
My body beaten and left in a heap
With tears the path around me is deep

My blood is slowing down it's flow
I've nowhere to turn or to go
I hide my face when they come near
More pain is what I currently fear

My spirit has died and gone away
Maybe it will return again some day
Yet deep inside do I want it back
To show that defences to pain I lack

The more I give, the more I hurt
Why do people have to be so curt
Arent they happy unless others sad
Why does life have to treat me bad

I don't want much just to live
It's my way to always give
Yet deep inside I know the pain
It just keeps returning again and again

Never does it get to ease
People with friendship just tease
None ever truly cared about me
I really wish they'd let me be

Right now I the pain I can't heal
There is no end to how I feel
Only emotionless can I be
No longer is joy left in me

By ScotsLass

© 2009 ScotsLass (All rights reserved)


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