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Weeping Willow
My head is spinning, chest is tight
All the rest is causing a fright
Dust is flying in the air
So minute as not to care
I cannot breath
I’m chocking, drowning in the terror
It should have stopped,
One would have thought...anyway
The pain inside my head blindly
Turning the world in motion
Breaking my heart instead
It wasn’t the first,
I feared it not the last
But oh my God! The pain
It took me back...back to another day
I long for it to be...long gone, all the same
Lord I need, no I pray
pray for a way to hope, To breath
Let me wake from it
The nightmare seems endless just the same
The colors are blending with every tear
The years are forcing there way in
Like a runaway train..
Placed firmly in my way
Blinding forces taking control
Finding the strength now
Trying to let go
Nausea takes control, no where to go
Smashing my head against
That same brick wall
Gone is the hope of… Long gone

By sax

© 2009 sax (All rights reserved)


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