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My Daddy

My daddy's gone away now,
he suddenly had to leave.
I think that he's in Heaven
or that is what I believe!

Today my daddy died
fighting a war that wasn't his.
And the last thing I could give him,
was the sweetness of a kiss.

I was quite afraid,
and didnt know quite what to say.
For its very hard for a little girl,
to watch her daddy pass away.

I never said good-bye,
I wonder if he's mad?
He was my best friend,
and quite more then just a dad.

I miss him everyday,
and the things we used to do.
I didn't say it enough then,
but daddy.... 'I love you!'

I love you, Daddy,
Your the only friend I had.
Now I'm alll alone,
and I'm feeling rather bad!

I need one of your special hugs,
to wash away my tears.
Or perhaps just your kind words,
to chase away my fears!

My life is not so much fun,
now that you are gone.
And as hard as I try,
it seems harder to go on!

I try to make you proud,
and do the best that I can do.
But how can I survive,
when there is no longer YOU?

By Silkee

© 2009 Silkee (All rights reserved)


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