love grows...

love grows.....
my life, my love
into your arms
i shall run
twirling each other
like a whirlpool
a whirlpool of happiness

in my ear
you sweetly sing
our love song
from here to eternity
and each note you sung
my heartstrings you've tugged
tying ribbons into bows

our crowning moment shows
true love, deep within our hearts
like a dream, an impossible dream
yet with you kasih none is impossible
let's steal away the moon
keep it on our hearts, to share

the pismo winds
loom and lurk from the dusk
of the cascading brightness
of our dreams

how can i dispute
of what i see ~ you and i
our captured smile
the brevity of our closeness

because of you
the hands i feel
grown warmer since
there is spontaneity of
reflecting sentiments
two images in love
in our happiest moments
with our love intact
that is never
reeled of the spool

day after day
my love increases a hundred folds
come fly with me
let's steal away the moon
keep it in our hearts, to share...


catch the soaring star challenge
'let's steal away the moon'

By XRifles

© 2009 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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