your eyes...

your eyes...

you speak to me with your eyes
i know when you are hungry
i know when you want to go
outside and relieve yourself
i know when you want to be
cuddled, scratched your tummy
and i know when you're scared
fearful on something, i don't
even know what it is or see

who will not love a pet like you
your ears stand like a bunny's
a radar that can detect anyone
who are arriving to the house
even though they are still on
their way, you start barking

what i am afraid is when you
have fear and became too shy
you don't like people to touch
you when you are snoozing on
my lap, my belly, or by my side


you are also fearful to strangers
when they approach me just to talk
you thought they will do us harm
so you get on your defensive stance
and ready to fight, to bite

you don't really care for other
dogs that wanted to be your friends
you are just contented to be alone
you are happy chewing your own bones
happy playing with your rubber balls
bears, sticks, stuffed things where
you can bite 'em, tore 'em up to pieces

you are my theraphy, my special gift
you make me smile when you chase your tail
and laughing when you do other tricks


'mini' is the name i gave you
'cuz you are so little and so cute
but i think i made a mistake
'meanie' it should be
you are so protective, so ferocious
you came in small bundle
like what the saying goes

with proper training you will overcome
your fearful ways my little one
i enrolled you at a obedience school
to build your self confidence so
you will not be scared or afraid again
so now 'til we both fade with the sunset
you will live your life happily with me
we will be together through times
of joyful moments and difficulties
keep on chasing your tail, do what you like
you are so special, you really mean a lot
you changed my perspective with life



pet corner challenge ~ 'our pets fears'

By XRifles

© 2009 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Pet Corner - Our Pets Fears (challenge has been closed)

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