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Tiny Whimpers
Poor Ashley!

Slayer of serpents,
no sign of fear;
attacking the stranger
who should not be here.

But New Year comes
and she's quivering jelly;
her tummy gets windy
and ever so smelly.

Fireworks display
in the public park
across the road
as soon as it's dark.

She sits on my lap
until it's done,
shakes uncontrollably,
it's never fun.

Tiny whimpers
from her throat
as I stroke
her wiry gingery coat.

And it's not the end
come January First.
There's a temple down the road
and that is the WORST!

Chinese New Year
we do it again,
this scared little dog,
protector of man.

By cherryk

© 2017 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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