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I Leave With Dignity And Pride

Where my love are you going?
Why do you keep roaming?
Can't you see that I love thee?

Loves best is to trust.
Love swears not to be unjust.

But you go ahead with lies and flattering,
showing your colder side, so well hidden,
many times I weep, but show forgiveness.

Eyes rain not once,
but many times.
Sad but true...

I thought I could confide in you,
but you chose to roam alone.

So I'll cry,
but still live,
even though I could die,

I wear no shame,
but only a good name.

I'll pick up the pieces and wipe my eyes,
leaving with dignity and pride,
something I still have
on my side.

Written by Janet Ford

Makenai! (Violin) Sad Theme - Sailor Moon

By girlsisy

© 2009 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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