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A Broken Home
She was too younge to witness the death of her parents divorce
A girl at the age of 6
Saw broken vows and the end of a promised love
As her father headed for the door
He tried to kiss her good-bye
But she only held onto his leg
And said, 'Daddy please don't go.'
She fought for freedom
When arms held her tight,
Preventing her from stopping her father
She cried through the night.

Two years later,
When he returned home,
He held onto her
Though she couldn't help but feel even more alone
Since something wasn't right.
His face
She did not recognize
His smell
She never smelled before
He was a stranger in her home
A stranger she did not know

Later on, after she'd grew close to him
He left once again
Said there was some work he had to do
As he left, she couldn't help but feel like she just lost her best friend
Moving on
Her pain did not ease
Something started to grow inside her
Something like a disease
She'd laugh along with her friends
And have fun
Though she'd wonder where he was
And remember what he'd done

When he came back once again
She was close to 15
She pushed aside her pain
And forgave her friend
She loved him
And wanted him to stay
Though he met a woman
And from there, their relationship began to fade away

Like the other times,
He left.
Only this time
He did not return
She told him to stay away
That she felt nothing but anger and hate
With one word, she said it all

By Sensitivity

© 2009 Sensitivity (All rights reserved)


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