Mind Purge

Mental renovation I seek insatiably,
too many dead weight cob webs holding steady.
I have an agenda and an itinerary,
so much clutter to dispense with makes me heady.

Some mold and mildew hang on with great vigor,
a new broom doesn’t necessarily sweep clean.
Many of these hangers on are determined to trigger
aching memories, scene by neurotic scene.

I’ll talk to the Lord to see if he’s up to some
heavy lifting to get malingering monkeys off my back.
Medications and meditations brought a total sum
of zero killed off and many clinging hard to the rack.

When your mind is a wasteland of petulant pests
it just opens wide the door to deep depression.
A solid mind knows how to corral and divest,
though it most likely will take session upon session.

I’m starting to believe that answer lies in the ability
to not let others' shallow actions fester unchecked.
All I ask for is a mind and heart with stability,
between myself and the Lord perhaps we’ll achieve that effect.

Submitted for the Anything Goes challenge

By AlwaysMyWords

© 2009 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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