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Portrait Painted Black

Painting your form with color was really quite alluring
Painting you with poetic words was very reassuring
But “if I could paint it different” than one of these two
I’d have painted a lasting portrait of me always with you

It would have been a scene by the crystal blue sea
It would have been so happy with just you and me
The colors would have been painted so sunny and bright
The sea painted so cool , sunset warm nearing night

One thing I’d have painted is us always together
Sunny or gray skies and in inclement weather
I’d have framed it to keep it hung up on the wall
A portrait that captured the splendor of it all

But sadly it’s painted the color of black
We loved and we lost and couldn’t get it back
And one thing is true and most surely such a sin
Our love just illusions of what should have been

Broken Love Challenge
Phrase : “Our love just illusions of what should have been”
Hostess: Beckie

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By Cheryl Stewart

© 2009 Cheryl Stewart (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Broken Love - Our love just illusions of what should have been (challenge has been closed)

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