The illusions of love

Was it all make believe, an empty dream?
Our love, just illusions of what should have been?
Was nothing real or true in your whispers?

I was taken for a ride down fantasy road
on those nights of intense lovemaking

Held tight in your embrace while my heart raced
with the wind towards mysterious terrains

Falsely displayed joy between us, wisped away
Like soft cloud roads, painted by pastels mists
Where stardust trails were left by your caresses

Your smile dazzled me like rose colored glasses,
Your lips covered mine with your beautiful lies
Our love, oh what a lovely mirage it was!

A covenant of mystique formed by twilight rain
and sunshine in golden strands of warmth

I wiped the mist from the window of my heart
I can see clearly now, through my pain

This love we had, how could such beauty
Have been painted on a canvas so tainted!

Written for the Broken Love-
Our love just illusions of what should have been

By EmpressPoetess

© 2009 EmpressPoetess (All rights reserved)


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