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From my ancestor clan is a double first cousin.
The brother of my mom
was my aunt`s husband.
The sister of my dad was my uncle`s wife.
My uncle was only one girl`s parent.
This girl was mom`s and dad`s blood niece.

She is almost like our sibling.
My oldest brother is not my twin,
But when we were younger,
people said we looked like twins.

Now if you are confused about our kindred,
Just wait till you read this.
When my grandpa died,
my great uncle was single.
So my great uncle married my grandma.
That made him my step grandpa
and my great uncle.

Now, getting back to my double first cousin,
As I wrote earlier,
she was my uncle`s only daughter.
The reason I say my uncle`s
is because he divorced her mother.
He remarried, but had no children
by his second wife.

His daughter is the heiress of his estate.

By poetalthomas

© 2009 poetalthomas (All rights reserved)

The word groups:

First Pair: Ancestor – Cousin (must use in first line)

Second Pair: Daughter – Heiress (must use in last line)

Remaining six: Kindred - Mom – Niece – Parent – Sibling – Twin
(must use in body of poem)

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