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Breathe Life
Inhale the fresh smell
of the mountain forest
Exhale it's aroma
To all those around you

Inhale the glory
of a vibrant new sunrise
Exhale the new life
found within your vision

Inhale the joy you felt
as you held the new born babe
Exhale this joy in all you do
spread it rampant to mankind

Inhale light seen within
a small child's laughter
Exhale it's glow
to warm the hearts of all

Inhale the love
felt at the unity of two lovers
Exhale this precious love
reach out and touch a heart

Inhale the gentleness
of a butterflies wings
Exhale this wonder
to others who are in need

Inhale the togetherness
of a family born of love
Exhale this love
to the stranger on the street

Inhale this world
with all it's intended beauty
Exhale the gratitude felt
to all those who surround you

Inhale, Exhale
Breathe life's joy
with every breath
Celebrate LIFE

By Viking Butterfly

© 2010 Viking Butterfly (All rights reserved)


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