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lost but still alive
How was it possible this all means nothing?
I was such a skeptic and you were so in touch with yourself
how could we not have seen through this facade?
My heart was fully comitted and your tears told no lies
now we're standing worlds apart and we don't even know each other
but I can still remember the energy in your touch
almost 20 years later it still ignites my dreams
I don't think about you all the time anymore
but once i get close to another,
you are my measure to which no one can compare
nothing ever fills my heart and brings peace like the completeness i remember
the world could've fallen and we'd never break our eye's contact
god Cheryl, i still have that strong desire for you
The day you left i watched you fade into the distance
out of my reality and into my dreams to haunt me
was our love just illusions of what should have been
and were we really that perfect for each other?
you were the first of everything for me
the first love, the first kiss, the first life i ever felt
and the last one i still remember at the close of each and every day
somewhere, wherever you are, i hope you still think of me
and remember the first time we held hands
the magic of our touch was so strong we didn't speak
just awestruck by the powers of our attraction
then quickly we were seperated,
I didn't get your number, i hardly knew your name
i just knew a love so right would find its way
now, simmering just below the surface, that same hope still abides
maybe not with the same beautiful woman i remember
but once again i will find love and feel alive

i dedicate this to Cheryl R, my first love and only love of a lifetime.

By SilentEmpty

© 2009 SilentEmpty (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Broken Love - Our love just illusions of what should have been (challenge has been closed)

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