Legend of the enchanted river

The legend of the enchanted river goes
As gentle and smooth as the river flows
Of love at first sight, by magic spun
To those who by her waters, be won

With gentle murmurs flowed the tide
While, by the fragrant orchids side,
A lovely maiden’s voice did display
A lyrical song, of words so gay

The Cavalier’s keen and amorous eye
Along the banks, beheld her hie
Filled, was he, with sweet adoration
Her beauty did hold his fascination
‘Hail, young songstress of kind
No such beauty this eye did find
Before I chanced upon your serenity
Lost from the heavens, must you be!”

With crimson flushed her silken cheek
A virgin smile shown sweet and meek
Golden tresses wisped from a cupid’s face
Shown a beauty of breathtaking grace
‘Oh, were to God thy dreams be true!
Tis on this day , I did conjure you
With trembling lips did my prayer lay
To bring me love to come and stay”
“Fret not, most desirous one, hail me!
The riches nobleman in this land, I be
I take thy hand with promise of love
and cherish always, to you my dove”

Began that day, tru love most real
between the two, it's depth they feel
and promise to share love and admiration
always they be, in love and adoration

Written for the Picture This: Sweet adoration Challenge

By EmpressPoetess

© 2009 EmpressPoetess (All rights reserved)


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