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Sweet Adoration

True love Knocks upon your heart's door
Open it, invite love to live there, forever more
Magical and mystical, beyond comprehension to understand
Arrives to give you happiness, by your dream man.

Look into his eyes, sweet adoration there for you to see
It began when you met, partly dreams, partly reality
Sweet adoration unable to hide, words sincerely spoken every day
Straight to his heart and yours, expressed honestly in every way.

Sweet adoration reaches out it's wings, spreading love to you
From afar gathering you into it's arms to forever accrue
Nothing so electrifying happened to you this way before
Until sweet adoration entered into your open heart's door..

Sweet adoration will stay with you for the rest of your life
Its there for the good times and stays with you through strife
Sweet adoration will thrive on love that is true
To accept or deny sweet adoration is totally up to you.

Challenge: Picture This
'Sweet Adoration'
May 14, 2009

By Mistymaiden

© 2009 Mistymaiden (All rights reserved)


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