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Our Love

Many galleries and passageways
would be our direction,
as the night passed by.
To your chamber, where we
would find ourselves
once again...

Noble raiment would be
No limitations as time
was passing...

Our relationship always
to be lasting
as we walked
together in inevitable

wondering how our life
was surpassing,
as we closed our eyes.
Nothing seemed to matter
but you and me,
free to love,
free to grieve.

Our journey was just beginning,
with hearts quickened with passion,
against the blue-tint of the heavens.
The air filled with
smothering fragrance...

Our garments drenched
in the oil of lavender.

The sun was now turning
toward dusk, and the lilacs
so purple in dress,
could still be seen
and undisturbed in the
distant hills...

Droplets of rain were
falling heavy now,
but the fire
of our love,
could not be
put out.

You see, our love
would always be
our specialty,
no matter what our
journey would bring.

the landscape would
always, with light,
a message sing.

Written by Janet Ford

'Anything Goes Challenge'

By girlsisy

© 2018 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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