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Sanity Saving Lifeline

When I’m positioned
in front of my keyboard
and creation is
in my fingers
I’m pulsating with life
while reaching toward
writing something
that lingers.

For many writing is just
a hobby or pastime,
it brings them
momentary satisfaction.
For me it is more a
sanity saving lifeline,
riding the fine line
of mental salvation.

If I couldn’t daily create
my lyrical stories
as an outlet to what
roils inside of me,
there’d be no joy, no pride
and no glories,
a bonafide basket case
I’d hopelessly be.

My chair stays warm
in front of this PC,
my head full of words and
my heart with my wife.
When you see me posting
you get part of me,
may my stories have you
pulsating with life.

Submitted for Bonnie’s private challenge “pulsating with life”

By AlwaysMyWords

© 2009 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)