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Prayers For MissMarry.
Dear Lord I'm saying extra prayers today
For Miss Mary a dear friend who lives a few miles away
She needs your healing touch
Dear Lord she loves you very much
Her right eye is very weak
Dear Lord your healing Miss Marry seeks
Her eye has a lot of burning
Dear Lord for Miss Mary to you I'm turning
She also pulled a muscle in her right hip again
Prayers for Miss Mary let's all join in
She is also on oxygen twenty four seven
Extra prayers for Miss Mary I send to heaven
She also has a broken toe
All her pain makes her feel so low
Dear Lord I turn to you
I know you can heal her help her not feel blue
As many of us turn to the prayer line
Dear Lord I thank you for her healing in time
Miss Mary is an angel at the starlite cafe
Extra prayers for her please let's all pray
She has no communicable diseases and I send thanks to you
As many join in prayer with me I know you will heal her as you send love to.

By Just little me

© 2009 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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