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The Elephant and The Butterfly
The Elephant and The Butterfly
by David Smoak
The elephant that was is now growing old
and he feels now his tale should be told.
He lives alone from the world apart
He lives alone to protect his heart.
Once In youth he was strong and free
all he asked of life was serenity.
Being an elephant his sight was poor
He sought to avoid things he could not endure.
He knew every challenge he could defeat
So a challenge given he felt no need to meet.
He'd turn his back and walk away
for he need not go the challenged way.
One day a butterfly flew past his eyes
Its beauty brought forth his heartfelt sighs
He said 'Please butterfly stay close to me.
Though I'm an elephant my soul flies free.'
So the butterfly settled there for awhile
causing the elephants heart to smile,
and the elephant gave forth his heart and soul.
To please the butterfly now his only goal.
Butterflies cannot long with an elephant stay
For they've no understanding of the elephant way.
Butterflies cant stand living in stability
They feel only discontent in non mobility.
So the elephant said
'Butterfly though my heart will break.
from you your joy I cannot take.
Fly where you will. I'll walk on alone.
For to you I'm an elephant that stands like stone.'
and the butterfly said ' Elephants I hate
There is no beauty in serenities plate.'
' All I can say is you are ugly as sin.
Just an elephant inside of an old gray skin.'
So the elephant withdrew and he turned away
for the butterflies beauty had now turned to gray.
but elephants are doomed to always recall
the things that make elephants rise and fall
so he still remembers all the colors he'd seen
until the colors were changed by a soul so mean.

By Spiritslaughter

© 2009 Spiritslaughter (All rights reserved)


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