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The Prodigal Son

I lived in my silence
Only the Lord could see
Behind my smile

It really was a frown
Joy it didn't feel

In my daily life in my world
I didn't want to live in my reality
I sunk as low as I could go

Doing only what I had to
I spun circles around myself

Trying to figure out
Why do I feel the way I do

My door had no knob ( heart)
It wasn't open to anyone

I wanted him to make
All that was bad to go away
In a instant I would be free

I prayed and prayed
where is the guiding light
Lord have you hid from my sight

Even a faint whisper of hope
For things to be I sought

He seemed silent to my ears
My eyes had grown weary with tears

I thought does The lord really love me
It is much harder to live then to die
Lord why not just end my suffering

My heart was a mess
I asked the lord for some rest

The spirit spoke to my heart one quiet night
And the parable of the lost sheep
Came into memory

I was living like the Prodigal Son
I realized I was lost and had not won

All my answers were always here
In the Bible beside my bed

I use to read it every day
But when I got lost I put it away

The Lord wants me home
To worship him in prayer
Sing songs and spiritual hymns

My comfort zone is my Lord
I have had it all along
I just closed my spiritual ears
And wandered off

Praise be to the Lord
For not giving me up

Free Verse: This comfort zone
Hostess: Cherry

By gentlewind

© 2009 gentlewind (All rights reserved)


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