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Broken wings

I will never forget the pain
I will never forget the sorrow
I feel my wings are broken
Unable to soar high above
Memories of you flood my mind
As my mind goes back in time
A time that together we loved so well
As I ponder now many of lifes troubles
The valleys still echo of I love you's
The sands of time seem to sift so fast
You will always in life be a part of me
Within the sands. Within the winds of time
Maybe the roses of love will flourish once again
My wings feel fragile as I rest my weary head for awhile
Some days I am missing you so much it is hard to smile
My heart feels like an angel that cannot fly anymore
My life seems to be so quickly passing me by
So many things to do. Finding so little time each day
I know in my own time and space my broken heart will get stronger today
I ponder so many things as I look through the window of time

I now must journey upon the path of life up ahead
Not sure what lays beyond. Not sure of the unknown
I am afraid to move forward. I am afraid to look back
I am afraid to journey today without you into the unknown
As memories somewhat bittersweet fills my mind today
I know must let myself heal and find my own way
I will never forget the pain, I will never forget the sorrow
As I feel the winds of time so softly touching my face
Closing my eyes forever missing you, it is as though I can almost feel your comfort and loving embrace
As I look through the window of time
Wishing if only I could hold you in my arms once again

Written for Broken Love challenge- Never forget the pain

Barbra Strei - The Way We Were...

By Starlight1

© 2009 Starlight1 (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Broken Love - Never forget the pain (challenge has been closed)

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