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There is a place I love to go,
a tiny pond where pine trees grow,
a quiet place with gentle breeze,
a place that's filled with so much peace.
The pond is fed by babbling brook
that giggles through a shaded nook
into the glen fragrant with pine
where through the boughs
morning does shine
with glow like through cathedral glass.
A more lovely place I could not ask.
Even in winter laced with snow
this place bestows seems heavens glow.
In spring 'tis blossomed rainbow bright
gleaming in God's precious light...
In summer 'tis such soothing peace,
a respite from the humid heat.
Autumn dec'ts it out in gold,
the wonder of the seasons told
as among the pines and white birches
this special place seems 'specially blessed.

God and Nature, hand in hand,
doth help my mind and soul to understand
the wonder of His grace each day
through all I see and as I pray.
God soothes the yearnings of my heart
and is never from me far apart.
He gently guides me in His way
as I journey through each day.
Oh such joy my heart receives,
simply in Him that I believe.
Each hour I'm showered by His grace.
I love meeting Him in our special place,
this little spot that's His and mine
as through life's clouds, His glory shines.

By Annie

© 2009 Annie (All rights reserved)


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