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Wrong Way


I walked down the paths of sorrows~~

A bleaker road i could not have chose~

A cobbled stone lane where nearby a Rose Garden once lingered~

Along with The Elusive Rose*...


I ask myself over and over again~~

Why i lingered at all??

Beguiled by what i believed could rescue me~

Knocking me from the zenith-to the nadir, i fall...


Where o' where can i turn now that i know?

With no silver lining in view~

Only a Royal Masquerade complete with-

In a Castle of explosive blood red hues...


Is there any salvation dear Lord?

I have confessed my lifes sin and you did forgive~~

But the world is so self rightous and indignant now~

Will i be tortured as long as i live?


You know that i carry ex-tra love 'round in my pockets~~

That i threw out the hate long ago into Hell~

But for some un-fathomnable reason-obscure~

There are un-named legions ~who do not wish me well...


They'd have my head upon a silver platter~~

Serve me up for an early gourmet meal~

Get filled to the full of their own hedonistic greed~
(Of Course)

My heart and soul~ they contine to try to steal...

In Remembrance: 1974-1979
With Love For You Daddy
Who passed away May 7, 1979
Too soon, way too soon.

To All Things Greek, Washington State,
Or Big Bird-
If This Means Anything To You

'Happy Fathers Day'

SUNDAY--June 21, 2009
~*Have You Ever Seen The Rain???*~

By Theodora Onken

© 2017 Theodora Onken (All rights reserved)


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