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The Precious Gift
We wrap our gifts with ribbons and bows
God wrapped His gift in swaddling clothes
We give gifts to our family
God gave the gift to set us free
We tear our gifts to see what's inside
God tore the veil when Jesus died
We search for the right gift for those we love
God sent the perfect gift from above
God looks to and fro in all the earth to see
Who will accept His gift and be set free
Salvation is as easy as opening a gift on Christmas Day
The only difference is, this gift won't go away
This gift of Jesus will be with you all year long
He'll never leave or forsake you
Because to Him you belong
Rip open your heart
Receive God's gift to you
You're not just receiving
But you're giving God a gift too
He will cherish your heart
Just as you'll cherish Him living there
He'll change you, He'll love you
He will take every care
No gift on earth is greater
Receive His gift today
No love was ever greater
Than when He gave His life away

Kelly Nutt-copyright 2006

By A Pen and a Piece of Paper........

© 2009 A Pen and a Piece of Paper........ (All rights reserved)


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