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The beautiful unicorn of the stars

Within the beauty of the twilight, within the beauty of the stars
Something was hiding in the shadows but at first I couldn't see what it was
As dawn began to break across the skies so beautifully
A soft swirling rainbow appeared so sparkling and bright
The light began to shine alot brighter and stronger
Near the pond of stars they began to dance across the skies
There was a sense of calmness that filled the air
A feeling of such magic and wonder at the rainbow so bright
Out of the corner of my eyes a strong beacon began to shine near the pond
There was a gentle softness of wings fluttering as it became louder and louder
Near the pond there was a beautiful light that began to illiminate so softly
As I pulled the branches to see a small clearing that lead to the other side
A beautiful young girl seemed to be sitting there with something in her hand
Looking so mesmorized at the beautiful crystal that was shining so brightly
As the crystal sparkled, her face lite up with such warm delight
There was a beautiful white unicorn that was such a pretty sight
The soft wind began to blow gently through the trees
The stars seemed to soft and gently dance across the twilight skies
Magical, mystical and so full of so much wonder and beauty
The rainbow became brighter as the stars softly danced around
Moonbeams softly falling sparkling swirling down upon the ground
There was such a strong peacefulness and tranquility that could be seen and felt all around
The moonbeams began to beautifully dance upon the flower petals casting such beauty and light

Written for Follow the dream challenge

By Starlight1

© 2009 Starlight1 (All rights reserved)


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